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The Solera Golf Club is made up of Solera community residents (men and women) who love the game of golf and enjoy the company of their fellow residents. We play every Tuesday morning with T-times at Oak Valley Greens Golf Course. We play a variety of game formats. With some formats players choose their 4-somes; with others a committee choses the teams. Weekly competition buy-in is only $10 and is not required in order to play. The Club Officers are:
  • Richard Crowe, President
  • Jim Karalun, Vice President
  • Rick Cronholm, Secretary
  • Marty Anderson, Treasurer
  • Merele Chapman, At-large & Tournament Director
  • Tom Hirsch, Member-At-Large
  • Jack Sturm, Past President
  • Beverly Crowe, Social Director
The Solera Golf Club at Oak Valley was founded May 2004 by 4 residents; Gary Stoh, Connie Boudoin, Bob Kropf, and George Schrader. Excerpts from the club constitution explain the purposes for forming this club which were varied and thoughtful.
  • Their first and primary goal was to stimulate an interest in golf for the Solera homeowners by bringing together a group of people desirous of forming a golfing organization.

  • Second: they hoped to promote and foster a closer bond and fraternity among the members for their joint and mutual benefit. Also, they wished to promote and conserve the best interest and true spirit of the game of golf as embodied in its ancient and honorable traditions.
  • Third: They wanted to create a representative authority which will uniformly see that all members adhere to the rules of golf as established by Southern California Golf Association.

  • Fourth: That the club should maintain a uniform system of handicapping as set forth in the regulations of the SCGA.
  • Fifth: Create an authoritative body to govern tournaments and events held by the club.

Membership is available to anyone who resides in Solera at Oak Valley.